VP saves our favorites in a text file, named VPLACES.TXT This file is located in your VPLACES folder. Occasionally, VP will destroy this file inadvertently, thus resulting in your losing all of your saved favorite pages.

To avoid this problem, we can save a copy (backup) the VPLACES.TXT file and save it, in the event we lose our favorites, at which time, we can restore this file.

Backing up the VPLACES.TXT file

Download VPBACK.BAT file and save it to your VPLACES folder. To download, RIGHT click.. then SAVE TARGET AS... and enter VPBACK.BAT

Run this file occasionally and particularly after you have saved a number of new favorites. This becomes a snapshot of your current favorites list. When we restore after losing favorites, we will restore only those favorites that are saved here, nothing after.

Ths vpback.bat file copies the vplaces.txt file to vplaces.sav.

Restoring Your VP Favorites

If you have lost your VP favorites, and have used the backup procedure outlined above, you can then restore your favorites in the event they are lost. You do this by using Windows Explorer and opening the VPLACES folder. Locate the VPLACES.SAV file (the backup) and drag this onto the VPLACES.TXT file. This will restore your favorites. NOTE that you cannot do this, while in VP. you must exit VP first.

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