There are a number of things that must be considered when adding a sound to a webpage. First and foremost, you must consider what software will be in use by your visitors. For example, I have seen a number of page authors who choose to use REALPLAYER type music on their pages. In order for this to work, ALL visitors must have the realplayer software, which, of course, they do not. On the other hand, however, if you use a WAV file, then you can rest assured that any computer with a sound card, can play the music.

To create the WAV file for the page, I use one of two methods. I will either get the music from a CD or as an MP3 file using NAPSTER or MORPHEUS. In either case, I use the GOLDWAVE software to save the music to a WAV file. Something that must be considered here, is the size of the WAV file. The trick is to make the WAV file as small as possible, yet retain the elements of stereo and quality that make it worthwhile. The settings I use when saving my WAV files are as follows;

MPEG Layer-3 18kbits, 12,000 hz Stereo

I find that this will reduce a 4 MB MP3 file to about a 500KB WAV file. This is definitely adequate from the file size viewpoint and will maintain the sound quality and stereo separation.

HOW TO: Open the MP3 file in goldwave. then choose FILE->SAVE AS. In the "Save as type" window select WAV as the type. In the "File Attributes" window, select "MPEG Layer-3 18kbits, 12,000 hz Stereo " as shown above. Then hit SAVE.


The following is the code that I have used on this page to handle the music, so you can see and hear the results of the following code.

<EMBED src="morningmood.wav" LOOP="true" Autostart="true"></EMBED></TD></TR></TABLE>
<br>Morning Mood, from the Peer Gynt Suite... Grieg

NOTE: You can copy and paste the above code into your HTML document.

Using a text editor such as NOTEPAD PLUS or any HTML editor, edit the source file and add the above code in the body of the document. Below is a bare-bones HTML document with the barest necessities to make it a viable HTML file.


Place the code somewhere in here.


That's all there is to it... Enjoy.....

Viper... smiles

Morning Mood, from the Peer Gynt Suite... Grieg

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