In The Distance

Looking behind me to the distance
I see the footprints in the sand
Extending to the horizon
From whence I came

Fleeting thoughts of those things past
I turn and continue my journey
Open to expectation, my heart
Yet likewise guarded I am

For I know the dangers
Yet for love the risk can be taken
And I most surely know
That safety is not the path to happiness

Forward again, I step ahead
Smiling just to be alive
And then it catches my eye
That streak of light from the sky

Hurriedly now I run to see
Recognizing that which is to be
I strain with my very soul
To reach and be ready

Falling closer now to me
It is a star and I the catcher be
Childlike anticipation fills me sure
The smile already born upon my soul

My arms opened I take possession
And in that exchange
My heart is forever given
To this starrider yet unknown

Yet there is a knowing
That comforts us both
For her fears match mine
And our souls forever entwine

My pace slows now
Because life is renewed
And we walk on together
A singular spirit being thus born

Our eyes engaged
And silently smiling
Hands together
We seek the new horizon


Take My Breath Away... Berlin

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