I Remember

In Loving Memory of My Friends
Their voices, I yet hear
Each touched my life in a lasting way
For that, I will always be grateful
And.. I will.. Remember


Polk Conway - loving father
Mike Gnagie - simply dropped dead
Ken Stohl - routine surgery, recovering well, died
Randy Nicholson - died as he had lived, hard and fast
Craig Morrison - pilot, burned to death in a cockpit fire
Sandy Conley-Bowen - died in my arms
Charles Taylor - here, then just gone
Einstein - My Dog - got sick, died the next day
Newton - My Dog - Einstein's son, died the next year

Ode To A Friend

Death unexpected... uninvited... and to be sure, unwanted
Invites itself to blend.. to mingle... and then devour
Knowing no boundaries, honoring not the thirst

Taking its very sustenence
From any and all
Leaving them weary and drained
A piece of their very fabric.. stolen.. torn.. irreplaceable
Leaving in its place... wonder... and anger

Questions.. unrequieted and lingering...
Never to be answered... for there is no answer
This thief... this unencumbered taker of worth
Most invisible and silent... and forever lurking

Priding itself at choosing the most unlikely of places
To perpetuate its most inexplicable thievery
Seemingly thriving on the greater surprise
Trading substance... for emptiness
A shallow bargain... in which we have no say

Would that I could... vanquish this beast... this demon
The tears of anger cloud my judgement
And invite a reckless abandon...
That can serve no goodness within me

My heart strives to reflect a happier time
And for brief ebbs... succeeds
Yet, the cold emptiness creeps back
An endless cycle of hopes... and dreams... and cold


Amazing Grace