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Who is Viper? Gary Conway has been designing software solutions since the 1960's. He built his first computer in 1968, a mainframe that he and a friend built from used IBM parts. They then donated the computer to their high school, Louisville Country Day. He built his first 'PC' on his kitchen table in 1977 using an RCA 1802 microprocessor and an old 9 inch television. The computer had 256 bytes of memory and ran at a blazing 3.4 KHZ. Later he built and added a sound board, full keyboard, a basic interpreter, expanded the memory to 8 KB and added I/O boards for controlling things in the real world.

He has developed software and hardware solutions for numerous large corporations, including NASA, NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratories (JPL), Humana, National Tobacco, Rallys, Circuit City and Maybelline to name a few. He has also developed solutions for countless smaller corporations and individuals over the years.

He is the co-author of the now defacto-standard ZIP file. See the story here
He was a guest lecturer at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Brunswick Ga
He has designed and built a full size, full motion F16 flight simulator. See it here

An Electrical engineer by education Gary has designed hundreds of systems and solutions, ranging from electrical hardware to software, to web based dynamic solutions and content management systems (CMS). He has been nominated for several software awards over the years.

Gary has designed software solutions for over 40 years in languages/compilers incuding.. QuickBasic, MBASIC, SBASIC, CBASIC, Pascal, C, Borland C++, Microsoft C, Microsoft C++, Visual Studio: C++,C#, .NET, J++, Visual Basic, Watcom C, dBASE, dBASE II, dBASE III, dBASE IV, FoxBase, FoxBase II, FoxBase Plus, FoxBase Pro, Visual FoxPro, Microsoft Macro Assembler, Z80 assembler, 8080 assembler, 8751 assembler, 6500 assembler, 6800 assembler, 1802 assembler, Perl, PHP, SQL, HTML, SHTML, XML, DHTML, gcc, Python
See a small sample of Garys Projects here

Gary is also a pilot (callsign Viper). He was in the military reserves, achieving the rank of Captain in both Army and Air Force, when he got out his last post was commandant at a training academy He graduated second in his OCS class by one point and was selected Officer Of The Year in 2000.

Need a software solution designed and written?
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Email Gary and tell me about your needs and I will be happy to give you a quotation.

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