This is an actuator test stand that I built for Flow Aerospace. It is for exercising and testing custom linear actuators and the accompanying software. The actuators and software are intended for use by Boeing and Airbus for fixturing the wings and fuselages for the Boeing 777 and Airbus A-350 while being machined by a waterjet CNC. The actuators are accurate to .001 inches over the 30 meter span of the table. The actuators contain smart motors by Elmo and represent a threaded distributed processing platform. The I/O is provided by TURCK modules via ModBus. The actuators contain valving for supplying either air or vacuum to the cup at the top of the actuator, which either holds the part in place or floats the part on an air cushion. The software also interfaces with the CNC machine and responds to motion and safety commands from the CNC. An extremely complex and intricate system
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