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Viper's Mantra Have Some Fun, Play Asteroids
Viper's Hideaway (The Beach) Viper's Snowy Hideaway
Viper's Social Comment (My Ramblings) A Soldier's Poetry
Viper's Falls Viper's Angels
Signs for Stupid People Morning Mood - Grieg
Lover's Sunrise Once You Had Gold - Enya
Viper's Voice Chatroom America: The Good Neighbor
Wonderous Stories MoonLight Sonata
Hope Has A Place Surfer Girl
Over You Dark Side of The Moon (NOT FOR SLOW MACHINES)
Dancing In The Dark A Father's Thoughts
I Will Always Love You Unchained Melody
If I Could Turn Back Time She's The One
Kathys Song Let Your Love Flow
I Need You The Living Years
Your Song FreeBird
Annie's Song I Still Haven't Found What I'm Lookin For
Going To California Calypso
Stairway To Heaven In My Room
Photograph The Rose
Wind Beneath My Wings You've Lost That Loving Feeling
The Darwin Awards She's Got Legs
Cuts Like A Knife Turn Around Bright Eyes
Open Arms It's A Heartache
I'm Not Lisa Viper's HotTub
Famous Final Scene Gypsy
Forever Young Reality Check
Tiny Dancer Stop The World
Demons And Wizards Mama I'm Coming Home
There Is Love Beautiful Heart
In The Distance River Of Tears
What I've Learned Letter To A Terrorist
A Dream Is A Wish of The Heart
Profiling Terrorists A word to children from WH Gates
My Dear Osama Happy Thoughts
Midnight Sun Viper's Verses
Lovin Touchin Squeezin Only Time
Life and Times of Bob Fergus Singular Destiny
Bow And Cord Vipers Proverbs
Viper's Gems Remembrance
POW MIA Ceremony Pledge of Allegiance
The Rules Are... The War Monger
Andy Rooney Speaks The Amazing Waterfall
Richard Reid Sentencing (failed shoe bomber aboard American Airlines) Gen. Patton on Atrocities
Ronald Reagan Remembered

Sentimental Lady Blue Moon
I Wanna Know What Love Is
Lovers View Kavi's Celtic Paradise
Please Come Home When Dreams Become Memories

Unchained Melody
The Power of Love Your Love Seduces Me
Kathy's Enchanted Waterfall The Wind Beneath My Wings
Cindysu's Virtual Reality Love Links Shine's Links/Pages
You Take My Breath Away Ship Wrecked
Ice Palace
The Storm MoonLight
The Rose
Dreaming Under A Blue Sunset
Magical Falls
Pen's Link Page For The First Time
Rustic Country Hideaway Let's Make Love
Beloved - A Remembrance
Dolphins Cry Fairies Dance
Imagines Pages IceLady s Pages
RainBirds Pages

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